• Ultrahigh Modulus

    Long-Fiber Molding

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    Jet Engine Thrust Reverser

  • Hybrid HP-RTM

    Compression Molding

    CASE STUDIES | Medical >

    External Fixation

  • Award Winning

    Thermoplastic Composite Molding

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    Violin Shoulder Rest

  • Special Ops

    Thermoplastic Composites

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    Backpack Framesheet

  • Hybrid HP-RTM

    Compression Molding

    CASE STUDIES | Medical >

    External Fixation

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    Featured: External Fixation

    One of the primary international suppliers of external fixation products came to GCi with...

  • Our Composites

    What We Do Well

    Composite materials are a unique class of materials made by combining two or more...

  • Custom Manufacturing

    Custom Manufacturing

    To push costs down, it's almost always necessary to "invent" a new way of doing things.

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    At GCi, we start from a blank slate. Because we are not tied down to one composite material or process, we never force-fit solutions based on our existing capabilities. We ask the simple questions that lead to elegant solutions. How can a composite component improve the functionality of the finished product? What are the most important features – aesthetics, strength, flexibility? Our team of engineers works with you to define the optimal solution and the best way to scale it for production. If one material doesn't fulfill all the functional needs, we create new combinations. If the right process doesn't exist, we design it.

    We excel at providing answers where none previously existed. Start with GCi for innovative composite solutions.

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