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    • High Performance Resin Transfer Molding (HPRTM)

      Surgical Targeting Device

      For years GCi had said “no” to machining medical products from billets made from pre-molded PEEK and short carbon fibers. It did align with our core strength as a problem solver and process solver - and we had no desire to be a “me-too” supplier of such products or validate that extremely inefficient method of manufacturing. The raw materials are very expensive and watching a large portion of them go into the garbage as chips was too much to bear. We finally agreed to proceed with one major medical supplier IF we could develop an alternative material and process that still met their requirements for thermal-dimensional stability and cosmetics. GCi worked diligently to refine the raw materials to a point that they could be molded at relatively low temperatures yet still provide good stability through repeated autoclave sterilization cycles. Then we tackled the processing. The end result was a hybrid process of compression and resin transfer molding that produced parts that met all of the customers requirements and that were considerably less expensive (no waste) than the incumbent process, with beautiful cosmetics right out of the mold.

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      Surgical Targeting DeviceSurgical Targeting Device

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