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    • Thermoplastic Composites

      Special Ops Backpack Framesheet

      When extreme toughness and light weight were needed by a manufacturer of strategic tactical equipment for elite forces, they turned to GCi to help with the development of their solution.

      GCi already had the know-how to work with advanced composite thermoplastic materials, but lacked the equipment capacity to run such large parts in a production setting. We quickly assembled a team to develop a new and larger molding cell capable of withstanding the significant molding stresses generated by such a large part and the team met with great success. This has led to strong patents for our customer, significant new production capability for us, and the satisfaction of knowing that we are helping to make our troops safer and more comfortable in the field.

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      Special Ops Backpack FramesheetSpecial Ops Backpack FramesheetSpecial Ops Backpack FramesheetSpecial Ops Backpack Framesheet
      Special Ops Backpack Framesheet

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