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    • Thermoplastic Composite

      Custom Snowboard Binding

      The largest producer of snowboard products asked GCi to team with DuPont. The mission? To develop a new way to produce the snowboard binding equivalent of a Formula One car.

      The base of the binding was our original project, but when another critical supplier had trouble delivering the upper “highback” section in the 11th hour, GCi came to the rescue. This section involved a new and largely untested material. We worked around the clock to develop a process capable of forming the thermoplastic composite piece. Best of all, it only had a 2 minute cycle time. Over the next four years we manufactured tens of thousands of the professional level binding and eventually took over the entire process – from molding through palletizing for shipment directly to distribution.

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      Custom Snowboard BindingCustom Snowboard Binding

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