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      Golf Club Head

      This particular program was interesting because it was a product that was coming from China where they could not meet cost and quality goals for this technically challenging project. What the customer needed was a good old Yankee Solution to their problem and they came to GCi. The challenges included; low cost, ½ million part production rates, tough and beautiful cosmetics, and performance requirements that could only be had with advanced composites. GCi started from scratch and integrated pultrusion, roll wrapping and compression molding - and tied all of that together with custom manufacturing equipment and a proprietary metal-filled resin that could be polished to a beautiful and tough luster. The end product outperformed metal and traditional composites solutions as well as set a new standard for sophisticated part production rates that goes unchallenged to this day.

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      Golf Club HeadGolf Club HeadGolf Club HeadGolf Club Head

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