GCi began with a professor, a former student and a passion for composites -

Founded in 1987 by Steven Winckler, PhD, a leader in the composites field and professor of mechanical engineering at RPI, GCi began as an Innovation Consultant to industry and an early promoter of the unique advantages that composite materials offer in the design, function and production of a wide variety of products. Shortly thereafter Dr. Winckler invited Jeff Allott, his former student who had just spent over four years managing DuPont's satellite structure projects and several pre-college years in the ski and bicycle industry, to partner with him.

Since that time GCi has successfully combined the performance of aerospace production processes with the cost and cycle benefits of more traditional manufacturing practices to become a leader in the innovative use of composite materials in the design and manufacture of all types of products.

The Company began working with larger corporations with a primary focus toward quality-oriented, complex components typically used in the medical and aerospace markets and with products ranging over the sports, military and consumer product industries as well. GCi has earned approved vendor status with GE Medical Systems, GE Global Research, DePuy Orthopedics, Johnson & Johnson and PerkinElmer.

Dr. Winckler left GCi to form a firm specific to design and general consultation in 1999 and continues to work with GCi on ad hoc projects while Mr. Allott continued to run and grow the company.

GCi's steady growth necessitated a move in 2008 into its current 50,000 square foot facility in Willsboro, NY, with additional space available for more than doubling in size for future growth.

In 2010, the effectiveness of GCi's quality system, designed specifically for the nuances of composites manufacturing, was validated by its certification as an ISO 9001:2015 facility.

GCi is positioned today for further growth through the addition of new equipment and investment in infrastructure.

ISO 9001 Registered Made in USA